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"Digital transformation in tax, to be effective, requires the
  whole group, including senior tax staff, to understand the
  basic principles involved."                                      - Geoff Peck
PawPaw Taxology is dedicated to addressing the tax technology knowledge gap. The Insights Series author, Geoff Peck, an acknowledged industry thought leader and taxologist, has created a quick report for you highlighting key success factors.

Download the free report and quickly learn:
  ▪  fundamental criteria to consider when developing a macro-strategy
  ▪  how to assess whether a product or initiative will meet or miss expectations 
  ▪  truths that took others years of painful experience to uncover.

Whether your background is tax management, tax technology, or strategy, and regardless of whether your scope is local or global, these insights will expand your thinking, help you avoid pitfalls, and boost your capabilities.
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"Standing Ovation!" J. L. - Global Head of Tax

Geoff presented the material in this report to fifty tax managers, vendors and consultants at a conference and received a standing ovation. It was well deserved!

L. S. - International Tax Director 

We enjoyed the highly perceptive tax technology blog over the past few years, including the book, but that is just a taster.  I'm not into digital technology but I was amazed how much this made sense to me. It's so useful and makes you think!

Doug Turk - Manager Tax Projects

Geoff's ability to go from high-level tax strategy to the tactical nuts and bolts of effective technology solutions is amazing. He's passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping others adopt his successful formula. If you want it done right the first time, PawPaw Taxology are simply the best - period!
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