The Tax Technology Insight Series
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"Technology in Tax skills are a major challenge for companies. Each year, thousands more Taxologists are needed but training is by learn-as-you-go only. Few are sure of next steps. Our mission is to clarify the way forward and end the guesswork."
Geoff Peck - Chief Taxologist, PawPaw Taxology
The Tax Technology Insight Series
Now there's a better way! This series explores the challenge of staying in control and examines in detail what happens at the crossroads of business and technology by:
The concepts and principles that define good tax technology and its governance. It looks complicated, but only until you understand it properly. Then it's simple!
Develop the vision and capabilities that separates the excellent from the not-so-good. The difference by value can be measured in orders of magnitude.
Tangible "Taxologist-as-a-service" support and resources that creates opportunities for better understanding and delivery, with a value proposition that disrupts the current model.
"I loved it! It demystified the complex and made it clear for me. I am now formulating a new vision for the future of our tax function. I feel this is the start of something important!"
- L. S. - International Tax Director
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