The Tax Technology Insight Series
Intelligence & Best Practice
"For most corporate tax professionals, becoming a tax technologist makes little sense, but to ignore taxology in the digital age is bordering on dereliction of duty."
Geoff Peck - Chief Taxologist, PawPaw Taxology
The Tax Technology Insight Series
There's a better way! This series explores how taxology accelerates digital fitness for tax through:
Clarification - critical distinctions for those wanting to get to grips with tax technology
Education - new understanding, competencies and methodologies to turn around results
Services - traditional and gig-economy taxologist-as-a-service facilities with tangible benefits.
"I loved it!  It demystified so much for me. I now have completely new
aspirations for our tax function. This is really important stuff!"
L. S. - International Tax Director
How Can I Benefit?
Simple ways to get started with the Insight Series:
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The flagship Smart Tax Technology Certification Program
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Challenge your assumptions about Tax Technology!
Get behind the rhetoric. Understand real success criteria.
Gain certification! You could become a taxologist!

The Easy, Fun Way to Get Started!
Even tax technology can be light-hearted, but don't be fooled.
There's real meaning behind the quirky and incisive stories.
Available nowhere else, this book offers a new look at the technological challenges facing tax. Discover how taxology fits in!
It's a must-have for any tax-industry professional!
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Our purpose is to elevate the tax profession to meet
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