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What Will I Learn in Part #2: Smart Automation?
Automation is the heartbeat of tax technology and frequently a source of frustration. You will learn the common high-level misunderstandings and how to counter them. We then examine tax engines, ERP and the relationship between them in detail.
We walk through masterfile data, generic and specific business factors while constructing insightful design criteria that will ultimately benefit the entire tax function and beyond. Lastly, detailed examples will reinforce the principles and improved ideas that will transform your approach to tax technology. The insights and skills learned in this program apply to:
  • United States: Sales and use taxes
  • European Union: VAT in the EU
  • VAT/GST: Indirect taxes in most of the rest of the world
  • Direct Taxes: Corporate income taxes
  • Multi-Level: Canadian indirect taxes
  •  Complexity: BRIC countries and Latin America
What are the Benefits?
You will quickly acquire an academic foothold in a body of skills for which there is no other formal training. You will spare your tax department the cost of learning it for themselves by trial-and-error. This program establishes a foundation for:
  •  Effective Architecture: Constructing an advanced, high-level vision and structure for Tax based on a realistic, yet new-world understanding of technology
  • Excellent Design: Leveraging the maximum from each individual tool, ensuring alignment with an overall approach to a comprehensive solution that is robust, data-focused and succinct
  • Transformation: Successful fusion of process and technology for next-level tax function performance in a transparent, sustainable manner.
Suitable for managers and practitioners. Become a high-level Taxologist - or - know how to spot one and benefit from it!
You will learn concepts and principles that span all tax technology. You will be prepared for a world where tax and technology are no longer independent of each other.
FREE Bonuses!
  • Webinar: A one-hour free working session via online meeting to reinforce or expand on the program material
  •  Supplementary Report: "How to Select a Tax Engine" looks beyond the obvious to explore what really matters
  • Insights Community: Taxology and tax technology intelligence for life. No subscription - it's an early bird bonus!
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