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'Technology in tax' is unstoppable And given the qualitative and quantitative nature of today's challenges, it's right that it should be this way. The technological theme grows ever stronger for the tax profession of the future.

But it's not as simple as wheeling in some software and hoping for the best. In fact, ground-level experience suggests the opposite. A new approach is needed, and the best way to start is with more clarity and a better plan.

The Tax Technology Blog takes an often light-hearted look at the trials and tribulations of the corporate tax function as it faces this new world. But the stories have meaningful undertones and the book goes on to explore:
  •  why the technology gap for tax is larger than for other business functions;
  •  the importance  of ERP and why for tax it's tough to tame;
  •  how approaching technology in the abstract is hurting progress;
  •  the key characteristics, skills and methods of the Taxologist; and,
  •  the environment, culture and support network required to win at tax technology, now and in the future.
There's something here for everyone: tax professionals, tax function managers, tax technology directors, tax technologists, tax solutions providers and even Taxologists!
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    Is this the world's first book on Tax Technology?  Maybe, or maybe not, but ...
    ... it's certainly the world's first book on Taxology and Taxologists, namely, the missing link!
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